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About the Decorative Picture Mirror

“Decorative Picture Mirror” is a real combination of the picture and the mirror.  We can make any parts of your images mirrored and the mirrored parts will perfectly merge with your original image in a single layer.  It results with both the decorative properties of the image and the reflective properties of the mirror.  Because of the relative contrasting properties between the image and the mirror, the image will look more decorative and the mirror will look more reflective.




How Good is the Decorative Picture Mirror Vs the Conventional Silk-Screen Mirror

 We do everything on the back of the mirror such that it will have no problem being scratched and easy maintenance.  Quality-wise, the picture will be in photo-quality and possible to have any Pantone colours.


Since we do everything on the back of the mirror, lite-up version decorative picture mirror is possible.  We apply the latest technology of light emitting diode and electro-luminescent lighting and can make dynamic lighting animation on selected portions of the decorative picture mirror.  That will make it even more decorative in the night time.